Patagonia A Pioneer In Corporate Social Responsibilty

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Company In Business To Save The Planet Outdoor apparel icon Patagonia is becoming more vocal and more politically active to help promote environmental conservation. Hopefully, more companies will follow its example. “We’re in business to save our home planet,” said CEO Rose Marcario. “That’s Patagonia’s new mission statement. We don’t just seek now to do

European Commission Announces Plans To Stop Deforestation

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Stakeholders welcome the European Commission’s intention to step up EU action against deforestation and forest degradation, as indicated in today’s publication of a roadmap towards a Communication, which is expected to be adopted in the second quarter of 2019. This initiative follows numerous calls by NGOs and other civil society organizations, and clear demands by

Public Lands And Private Empires

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Watersheds Vital To Homeland Security The United States has about 640 million acres of public lands—an area more than seven times larger than Germany. If America needs a wall for defense, we need it around our public lands—which are critical to our heritage and homeland security. “There is nothing more practical in the end than the preservation

Sustainable Growth An Oxymoron

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Few Things Grow Forever By Jason Hickel, Foreign Policy Warnings about ecological breakdown have become ubiquitous. Over the past few years, major newspapers, including the Guardian and the New York Times, have carried alarming stories on soil depletion, deforestation, and the collapse of fish stocks and insect populations. These crises are being driven by global

Nike Campaign Tackles Racism, Injustice

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Bill Of Rights Supporters Quash Call For Boycott Nike just took a big step by taking its marketing campaign into the political arena. Despite calls for boycotts from those who support racism and fascism, the new ad campaign has already generated plenty of free publicity and a spike in sales. The racists and fascists claim

Wakatobi A Diver’s Paradise

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World-Class Scuba Diving Across Indonesia Indonesia has some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling destinations in the world. Wakatobi National Park is one of the most fascinating diving destinations in all of Indonesia. Wakatobi (pronounced WAHK-kah-TOH-bee) features a luxury dive resort in southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia. The area includes 143 islands, but only four of

Fracking Dividing Communities Across Colorado

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Health, Safety Concerns Remain Fracking isn’t new to the Rocky Mountains. The oil industry drilled its first fracking well in Colorado near Boulder in 1901. The practice gained notoriety in the state with the infamous oil shale project near Parachute several decades ago, but it collapsed and remained dormant for years. Since then, fracking has

Infectious Waste Fueling Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism

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Reforming Policy, Practices Can Save Millions Of Lives Neurodegenerative disease and autism have been surging around the world for the past 30 years. A man-made disaster is creating a public health disaster that’s still unfolding. Neurotoxins are driving the epidemic more than age–in some countries than others. Teenagers are now dying of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease–the most severe form

Sewage, Radioactive Waste Polluting Land, Sea

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Australia Building Support To End Dumping Cruise ships would be stopped from dumping waste near the Great Barrier Reef under draft laws to protect Australia’s coastline from dangerous pollutants. Tonnes of cargo slurry is being dumped from ships in Australian waters, polluting the ocean with sewage, food scraps and even radioactive waste. There is cross-parliament

Camels Contracting Prion Disease

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Few Mammals Immune To Transmissible Brain Disease Italian and Algerian researchers released new evidence of prion disease in three dromedary camels found in an Algerian slaughterhouse, according to a new study in Emerging Infectious Diseases. The discovery, now being called camel prion disease (CPD), has raised more questions than answers about this deadly illness characterized

Caregivers At Risk In Battle Against Brain Disease

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Spouses Of Those With Alzheimer’s Likely To Contract Brain Disease Millions of people are becoming caregivers for friends and family members with Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a silent epidemic that’s creating family crises around the world. In addition to the shock of the sudden dependency, at least some caregivers (family members and professionals) are being misinformed

Alzheimer’s Taking Financial Toll On Society

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Neurodegenerative Disease The Fastest-Growing Cause Of Death Someone in the world develops dementia every three seconds. There were an estimated 46.8 million people worldwide living with dementia diagnoses in 2015 and this number is believed to be close to 50 million people in 2017. This number will almost double every 20 years, reaching 75 million in