Fracking Dividing Communities Across Colorado

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Health, Safety Concerns Remain Fracking isn’t new to the Rocky Mountains. The oil industry drilled its first fracking well in Colorado near Boulder in 1901. The practice gained notoriety in the state with the infamous oil shale project near Parachute several decades ago, but it collapsed and remained dormant for years. Since then, fracking has

Denying Climate Change Is Like Denying Gravity

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Global Warming Driving Extreme Weather When people, organizations and corporations oppose efforts to reduce global warming and climate change, what are they actually fighting for? An energy policy that depends on hostile, foreign regimes? Energy policies that promote waste and inefficiency? Dirty energy and air pollution? Domestic exploration and development that contaminates dwindling water supplies?

Frack Wastewater Radioactive

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Frack Waste Poses Risks To Air, Water By modern definition, anything that threatens the safety of air, food and water is classified as bioterrorism. However, the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing (frac, frack, or fracking), is a legitimate threat to public and environmental health. Yet, the practice is proliferating around the globe. Its contents remain

Fracking Threatens Public Health

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Frack Attack On Land, Water, and  Communities As the U.S. pushes the frack controversy down people’s throats in pursuit of short-term energy independence, we may find ourselves importing water and food to replace damaged domestic resources. It’s surprising that Homeland Security laws aren’t being imposed to cease the threats of permanent contamination and overall terrorism