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Kilimanjaro Reforestation Project Will Tackle Climate Change

Fight Climate Change, Poverty and Habitat Loss With Your New Website The Internet is changing life as we know it. An international marketing agency is tapping the positive side of that dynamic to launch the “Web Of Life” campaign to … Continue reading

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Denying Climate Change Is Like Denying Gravity

Global Warming Driving Extreme Weather When people, organizations and corporations oppose efforts to reduce global warming and climate change, what are they actually fighting for? An energy policy that depends on hostile, foreign regimes? Energy policies that promote waste and … Continue reading

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U.S. and Britain Team Up For Geo-Engineering Program

If you have ever wondered what chem trails are all about, take a look at this report from the United Kingdom. It discusses a joint plan with the United States to help mitigate the effects of human activity on climate … Continue reading

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Crossbreeding Among Species Sparked By Climate Change

Climate Change Writing New Chapter In Survival Of The Fittest Inside a tree trunk in the woods of Ontario, a group of tagged flying squirrels huddle for body heat. In a few weeks, the rodents – which glide from tree to … Continue reading

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Sustainable Cities Worth Investment

Sustainable, Resilient, Healthy Cities Sustainable cities are one key to a sustainable world. Eco-entrepreneur Gary Chandler is leading the development of a new program that will promote efficiency and resiliency in cities and communities around the world. Chandler says that … Continue reading

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Public Relations Consultant Speaking Out For Sustainability

Climate Change, Biodiversity, Sustainability The future isn’t what it used to be. That’s why Crossbow Communications is digging in to defend endangered species and an endangered planet. The lives of future generations are counting on more sustainable practices and policies. … Continue reading

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Earth News Celebrates 20 Years Of Environmental Conservation

Pioneers In Environmental Journalism Earth News showcased it’s first environmental success stories 20 years ago. Since then, it has produced hundreds of articles, from the Rocky Mountain News to the Jakarta Post. The founders also have published 11 related books–and hopefully a … Continue reading

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Resilience and Sustainability Network Launched For Cities

Sustainable Cities Can Help Fight Climate Change To help address the impacts of cities on climate change and the impact of climate change on cities, we are developing the sustainability network to accelerate the movement of cities and communities toward efficiency … Continue reading

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Public Relations Company Standing Up For Wildlife

Endangered Species, Wildlife Under Siege The war on wildlife has been a lopsided battle. To help turn the tables, Crossbow Communications is going to work for mother nature. Crossbow is an award-winning and record-setting public affairs and public relations consulting … Continue reading

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