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Africa Lost At Least 745 Rhinos To Poachers in 2012

Rhino Poaching Up Drastically Almost three percent of Africa’s rhino population was killed by poachers in 2012. The trend appears to be rising even faster. Experts predict that if poaching continues to increase at this rate, rhino populations could be wiped … Continue reading

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Firearm Debate Missing Key Points

Corruption Killing United States It’s easy to blame violence in America on guns. It’s an easy target after a long series of massacres waged upon kids. It’s easy to blame violence on people with mental illness—sick people are another easy … Continue reading

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Wild Horses Ripped From Nevada Rangeland

Nevada Ground Zero In Public Land War The U.S. government continues to waste taxpayer dollars terrorizing wildlife on public lands. Federal land “managers” have concluded another roundup of wild horses in Northern Nevada with the removal of about 800 animals–some … Continue reading

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Criminal Puts Bad Beef Into Food Supply

The following case demonstrates how farmers are willing and able to ignore food safety laws around the world, while regulators have little leverage over the situation and the judicial system slaps them on the wrist for taking deadly risks with … Continue reading

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Wall Street Criminals Walking Free and Easy

Wall Street Corruption Goes Unpunished The corruption on Wall Street allows insiders to make money on the way up–and even more on the way down. So far, not a single Wall-Street junkie has gone to jail. The so-called war on … Continue reading

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