Gary Chandler

Gary Chandler is CEO of Crossbow Communications. He has influenced public opinion and public policy around the world. He also is the author of the Language and Travel Guide To Indonesia and 11 other books about health and environmental issues.

Gary Chandler

PR firm firm Denver and Phoenix

602-999-7204 (U.S.A)


Gary Chandler


  • kevin thompson says:

    what about useing dogs to track the poachers?

  • shelley gill says:

    Gary I am a science writer in Alaska and a humpback researcher. I am doing an educational app for the school board on whales and am looking for a factory whaling photo to use. It would be one time non-exclusive electronic rights. You would obviously get credit but I don’t have much of a budget. ($20)

    • Shelley, I can’t help you on that photo request. Try any of the conservation organizations and their websites. Just give credit to a nonprofit group and they will be happy to share. Good luck.

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