Learn To Speak Bahasa Indonesia

Pronunciation Key To Indonesian Language

This video tutorial from Gary R. Chandler, author of the Language and Travel Guide To Indonesia, will introduce you to the fundamentals of the Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia). Indonesia is one of the most amazing and diverse countries in the world.  It has ancient temples, beautiful beaches, hundreds of volcanoes, exotic wildlife, and abundant natural resources.

Indonesia includes some of the largest and most famous islands in the world, including Bali, Borneo, Java, Komodo, New Guinea, and Sumatra—more than 17,500 islands in all.

Indonesia deforestation and endangered species

The real beauty of Indonesia is found in the eyes and smiles of its people. Taking the time to learn some simple Indonesian words and phrases will help you unveil more of this country’s wonderful treasures. Most Indonesians are happy, friendly, and curious people. They often will speak to you as you cross paths. They typically will ask where you are from and where you are going. When you have the opportunity, try to converse with locals. It can be educational, informative, and rewarding. Most Indonesian people know at least a few English words and are eager to learn more. Many Indonesians are very articulate in English, especially those involved in tourism, retail, and international business.

Lombok tourism

This language and travel guide will help you get the most from your trip by guiding you to sites and towns to visit, activities to enjoy, and places to stay. It also will help you find the right Indonesian words to use at the right time. In addition to the book, we are launching a series of video tutorials to help you learn the most important words and how to pronounce the most important Indonesian words.

Sumatra Indonesia

For more information, please visit http://indonesiantravelbook.com/bali/

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Crossbow Communications specializes in international marketing, issue management and public affairs. Indonesia is one of our regions of expertise. Our President and founder is the author of the Language and Travel Guide to Indonesia. Please contact Gary Chandler at gary@crossbow1.com. Visit Indonesia.

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