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SEO Strategists Tapped By International PR Firm

MentorNet, LLC has been hired by Crossbow Communications for additional in-house and client work. The online commerce and internet consulting pioneers are on a roll as they have added several new clients in multiple industries over the past year.

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“This is a great alliance for us,” said Rich Benvin, MentorNet president and CEO. “We have worked with Crossbow on several innovative projects that are blossoming now. We’re thrilled to formalize the relationship for the long term, especially as it relates to some of the company’s global sustainability projects.”

MentorNet also added several other clients this year, including ShaynaB Jewelry, ProWorld Tennis, BodyLogic Laser and Skin Solutions, Skin Care Plus, Double Diamond Group, Fiber Care Dallas, 3D Printing Channel, 3D Printing Ventures, Brandon Marinoff, Earth News, Sacred Seedlings, Greener Cities, Indonesian Travel Network, Alzheimer’s Network and more.

“We have shared values and visions with our clients, so that just adds to the synergy,” Benvin said. “We don’t work for clients that we don’t believe in and I’m not sure of any other business in this industry that can say that. Integrity matters more than ever.”

Crossbow is a global public affairs and issue management company that specializes in health, environment and sustainability issues.

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Crossbow Communications is a full-service advertising agency and public relations firm in Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona. The firm specializes in issue management and public affairs. Crossbow has helped influence public opinion and public policy around the world. It has won state and national awards, while setting state and national records for our clients. Government relations. Media relations.

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