Public Relations Company Standing Up For Wildlife

Endangered Species, Wildlife Under Siege

The war on wildlife has been a lopsided battle. To help turn the tables, Crossbow Communications is going to work for mother nature.

Crossbow is an award-winning and record-setting public affairs and public relations consulting firm with offices in Denver, New York and Phoenix. The company’s president, Gary Chandler, is a veteran advertising, public relations and public affairs consultant with more than 30 years of experience. He also is an environmental journalist and author. He is passionate about helping our ailing planet while there are still some species to save.

Save Kilimanjaro

“I can’t believe what is happening to animals around the world, especially endangered species like the rhino, tiger, elephant and orangutan,” Chandler said. “Greed a, fear and outright evil are driving an unbelievable amount of carnage. Habitat destruction for pulp/paper and agriculture is putting even more pressure on these important animals.”

Chandler is a Colorado native and a world explorer who authored the Language and Travel Guide to Indonesia, (2009, Hippocrene Books, New York, NY). Chandler devoted much of the book to wildlife and environmental issues. He is donating all profits to wildlife conservation organizations in Indonesia.

elephant conservation Tanzania

Chandler also founded Earth News, a pioneer in the world of environmental journalism and publishing. He is the author of another eight books about environmental success stories, including Guardians of Wildlife (1995, Henry Holt, New York, NY).

As such, Chandler is devoting his consulting practice entirely to wildlife and sustainability causes. He’s even launching two related projects of his own.

“I feel like I’m starting a second career,” Chandler said. “Except, now we will be very selective about the clients that we tackle and we plan to increase the amount of pro bono work that we handle every year. That’s alright, these causes are rewarding in and of themselves. I’m here to put money in their pocket and some leverage in their sail.”

Chandler says that his company is eager to help organizations around the world that advocate for wildlife and sustainability causes. He also hopes to forge alliances with other organizations promoting sustainable cities and reforestation.

public relations firm USA

Crossbow is a full-service advertising, public relations, and public affairs company with offices and associates in Denver, New York and Phoenix.

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