Sustainable Cities

Sustainable and Resilient Cities

Sustainable cities are the key to a sustainable planet. Cities are home to about 50 percent of the world’s population, but they generate 80 percent of heat-trapping greenhouse gases, not to mention other forms of pollution.

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Cities are consuming a disproportionate share of natural resources, which is contributing to resource depletion, global warming and climate change.

Many communities are taking steps to minimize their impacts on the environment and to minimize the threats that natural disasters pose to them. Hopefully, this site and our international awards program will help your community maximize the impact of its efforts, while assuring the support of all citizens.

sustainable cities

 Greener Cities and Communities is a collaborative program developed by Earth News and Crossbow Communications. We encourage your city and community to join us. Please submit your best practices, case studies and other resources that can help communities and businesses around the world learn from your experiences.

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Greener Cities. Sustainable Cities.

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