Wastewater Reclamation Based On Flawed Risk Assessments

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Alzheimer’s Disease Fueled By Infectious Waste Neurodegenerative diseases are the fastest-growing causes of death around the world. The mismanagement of infectious waste is contributing to the epidemic. Dr. Stanley Prusiner earned a Nobel Prize in 1997 for his pioneering research on deadly prions—an infectious form of protein that connects a deadly spectrum disease called transmissible

Recycling Sewage Recycles Brain Disease

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Sewage Sludge Spreading Deadly Diseases I wish that I could support wastewater reclamation and the application of sewage sludge (biosolids). Unfortunately, I have reversed course on my position over the past decade and now I only see unacceptable risks. The reason for my reversal is a microscopic protein particle called a prion. The problem is that