Biosolids Spreading Brain Disease

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Biosolids Spreading Brain Disease Among Mammals In 1972, world leaders realized that dumping millions of tons of sewage sludge into the oceans killed entire underwater ecosystems. Some nations stopped the dumping immediately, while others did not. The U.S., for example, finally passed the Ocean Dumping Ban Act of 1988. It required dumping all municipal sewage sludge

Chronic Wasting Disease Spreads To Ohio

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Brain Disease Spreading Through Sewage Sludge The first case of chronic wasting disease in Ohio was confirmed Thursday from a single buck on a deer farm in Holmes County. Erica Hawkins, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Agriculture, said the deer was found at World Class Whitetails in Millersburg. The deer farm has been under

Chronic Wasting Disease Fueled By Sewage Sludge

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Biosolids Spreading Brain Disease By Patrick Durkin Those who think Wisconsin should just “learn to live” with chronic wasting disease are seeing their surrender take shape as “nature takes its course” on our deer herd. In fact, folks near Spring Green are living the realities of such clichés. One farmer in the Wyoming valley of