Chronic Wasting Disease Related To Alzheimer’s Disease

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CWD Spread Through Sewage Sludge A Colorado company says that hunters, landowners and many others are being misinformed about the dangers of chronic wasting disease. As such, public health and the health of entire water sheds are at risk. Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is another form of prion disease. Prions also are behind the explosion

Killing Wolves Opens Door To Prion Disease

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Wolves Help Contain Chronic Wasting Disease When attempting to manage wolf populations today, we must admit that the threat of prion contamination in our watersheds and food chain now poses a much greater risk to several industries, human health, and homeland security than our god-given wolves ever did. In fact, predators are one of nature’s

Brain Disease Recycled Through Sewage Sludge

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Biosolids Spreading Brain Disease Colm Kelleher, the author of Brain Trust: The Hidden Connection Between Mad Cow Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease is a fascinating book that covers al lot of ground quickly. It connects many dots about deadly prion diseases. One pathway that he doesn’t mention is sewage sludge, which exposes livestock, wildlife and humans to