Recycling Sewage Recycles Brain Disease

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Sewage Sludge Spreading Deadly Diseases I wish that I could support wastewater reclamation and the application of sewage sludge (biosolids). Unfortunately, I have reversed course on my position over the past decade and now I only see unacceptable risks. The reason for my reversal is a microscopic protein particle called a prion. The problem is that

Blood Infected With Prions Threatens Public Health

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Undiagnosed Victims Are Contagious British officials warn that almost 30,000 Britons carry a dormant form of mad cow disease unknowingly and it may affect the blood supply, the Global Post is reporting. Experts said up to 1,000 people could die from receiving infected blood via tainted blood donations. A study published this month by the

Chronic Wasting Disease Being Mismanaged

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Chronic Wasting Disease Unstoppable Editor’s Note: As the following story illuminates, the global response to chronic wasting disease and other forms of prion disease demonstrate incompetence, negligence or criminal misconduct. I will debate anyone in the world and I will consult with anyone in the world. Mismanagement of this predatory disease is not acceptable and

North Carolina Confirms 17 Cases Of CJD Since 2011

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Three People Die Of CJD In Cleveland County Recently It started with double vision. That’s when Ellen Horton knew something was wrong with her husband, Raymond. The couple was en route back to Shelby from a car show in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., in September. She described his driving as erratic. “He was all over the

Prions Not Stopped By Species Barriers

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Prion Disease Killing Many Mammals Prions are known to migrate, mutate and multiply. They become more voracious as they move from one host to another. New research adds to the bank of evidence that a deadly prion is a deadly prion and they know no borders between species. For years, food safety experts and wildlife

More Mismanagement of Deadly Mad Cow Disease

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Prion Pathogen Highly Contagious After eight years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reopened the comment period for its rule on what cow parts may be used in human products Monday because research completed since the interim rule was published has revealed traces of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) and deadly prions in parts of

Indonesia Bans U.S. Beef Over Mad Cow Disease

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Indonesia Closes Ports To American Beef When authorities discovered a case of mad cow disease in Hanford, California last year, Indonesia became the first nation to ban beef from the United States. The fallout was immediate, and U.S. beef sales to Indonesia plummeted to nearly nothing. Much to the satisfaction of cattle producers in states such

Criminal Puts Bad Beef Into Food Supply

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The following case demonstrates how farmers are willing and able to ignore food safety laws around the world, while regulators have little leverage over the situation and the judicial system slaps them on the wrist for taking deadly risks with the health of millions of people. Prion mismanagement is a serious threat to life as

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Takes Teenager

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Girl Died Rapidly From Neurological Disorder When 15-year-old Claire McVey appeared reluctant to eat in front of her family, her mother Annie assumed she was just having teen wobbles about her weight. But Claire was showing the first signs of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (prion disease) or vCJD – a condition that would leave the bubbly teenager dead within

Another Case Of Mad Cow Disease In U.S.

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Mad Cow Disease Exposes Prion Mismanagement The random testing system for BSE (mad cow disease) caught another dairy cow last year in Central California. The good news is that the meat was kept from the food supply. The question is whether or not humans consumed her milk? Or that of other animals that never exhibited

UK Stops Testing For Mad Cow Disease

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Mad Cow Disease Impossible To Stop The Food Standards Agency has advised ministers that routine BSE (more commonly known as mad cow disease) testing on the carcasses of healthy cattle slaughtered for food is no longer necessary. The agency board says testing of healthy cattle is no longer necessary as long as other existing safety controls be enforced vigilantly.

Brazil’s First Case of Mad Cow Disease Hidden for Months

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Mad Cow Disease Mismanaged In Brazil Brazil has notified international animal health regulators of its first case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, BSE, commonly called mad cow disease. The cow died two years ago, but the test confirming the deadly brain disease was not done until 18 months later, and the results not made public until