Orangutan Dies Of Burns, Trauma Inflicted On Palm Plantation

Orangutans On Borneo, Sumatra Losing Habitat To Palm Oil Plantations

Indonesian villagers trying to smoke an orangutan out of a fruit tree where he was sheltering accidentally set him on fire. The distressed animal had been hiding in the leaves above the village of Lower Wajok in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, because its habitat had been disturbed, wildlife experts said.

Locals concerned that it would eat the fruit from the tree and destroying their crops tried to make it move on by lighting a fire under it on Sunday. However, as the video clearly shows, the orangutan was perched at the top of a palm tree (used for palm oil not a rambutan tree) and could not come down due to the fire below. As you will see on the video, the orangutan was scared and stressed. It did not survive the overall trauma.

palm oil deforestation

Orangutan conservation in Indonesia

dead orangutan

Orangutans killed for palm oil

orangutan extinction

orangutan in snare


orangutans killed on plam plantation

Orangutans on Borneo and Sumatra are losing habitat rapidly. As such, they are critically endangered. The rep ape is found only on these two large islands in Southeast Asia.

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