Palm Oil Casts Dark Shadow Over Corporate Buyers

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Sustainability Claims Riddled With Fraud, Abuse Today Amnesty International has published a damning new report into the practices of major consumer goods multinationals. The human rights NGO unpicks the palm oil supply chain and finds evidence of forced labor, child employment and dangerous working conditions within the palm oil supply chain. Although the company primarily under

Palm Oil Industry Pushing Wildlife Into Extinction

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Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, most of the talk about sustainability in the palm oil industry is just smoke and mirrors. This is an immediate battle for the survival of critical species in our fragile web of life. To be more precise, this is about the survival of the Sumatran tiger and the orangutans of Sumatra and

Palm Oil Executive Jailed For Illegal Deforestation

BiodiversityDeforestationEndangered SpeciesForest Conservationdeforestation and endangered speciesdeforestation Sumatraorangutan conservation Sumatrapalm oil and deforestationsustainable palm oil and deforestation

Crimes Against Nature Going To Court The director of the Indonesian palm oil company PT Kallista Alam, Subianto Rusyid, has been found guilty of illegally clearing peat forest in Aceh, Sumatra, and has been sentenced to eight months in jail. The judges also fined him 150 million rupiah (about 13,000 US$), and said he would

Palm Oil Promoting Wildlife Extinction

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Palm Oil Destroying Biodiversity Palm oil plantations supplies to vegetable oil and biofuels could be accelerating the effects of climate change, new research shows, adding further credibility to claims the crop is not environmentally sustainable and eliminates biodiversity, which is pushing many species toward extinction. An international team of scientists examined how the deforestation of