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Nutrition Helps Beat, Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

The brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease collect particles of protein that are not expelled from their bodies for one reason or another. These protein particles start sticking together and forming plaques in the brain, which smother and kill healthy brain cells. This damage starts in the hippocampus—the region of the brain responsible for memory.

Alzheimer's disease epidemic

Much like the plaque on our teeth, these proteins create cavities inside the brain as more cells are killed. Dead brain cells then contribute to the avalanche of plaque building up, which causes the damage to escalate and spread to other regions of the brain. The brain damage spreads until it stops vital bodily functions.

These protein deposits are called tau and beta-amyloid. In Parkinson’s disease, a similar form of protein known as alpha synuclein builds up in the region of the brain that controls motor skills. In other words, the primary difference between Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease is where the protein formation begins.

“There is now real evidence of the potential transmissibility of Alzheimer’s,” says Thomas Wiesniewski M.D. a prion and Alzheimer’s researcher at New York University School of Medicine.

A new study published in the journal Nature renews concern about the transmissibility of Alzheimer’s disease between people. A second study by the same scientist in early 2016 adds to the stack of evidence.

Neuroscientist Laura Manuelidis claims that at least 25 percent of Alzheimer’s diagnoses are not Alzheimer’s disease. These misdiagnoses are actually Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), which is further up the prion spectrum. CJD, without dispute, is extremely infectious to caregivers and loved ones. Millions of cases of deadly CJD are being misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s disease. Millions of patients and caregivers are being misinformed, misguided and exposed to an aggressive disease. Misdiagnosis and misinformation regarding prion disease is a matter of life and death. The mismanagement doesn’t end here.

CJD is the most aggressive form of neurodegenerative disease. It behaves in a similar fashion, but at a much faster pace. It’s not certain if CJD is a different mutation of prion disease or just an extreme point of progression of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

Prions and Prusiner win Nobel Prize

These protein deposits include a deadly form of protein called a prion (PREE-on). Stanley Prusiner earned the Nobel Prize in physiology in 1996 for his pioneering work on prions. Unfortunately, his earth-shattering science has been ignored and a global health epidemic has been unleashed. He claims that Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS and Huntington disease are part of the prion spectrum. Autism could be a prion mutation, too.

Prions are in the bodily fluids of victims, who proceed to contaminate the world around them. Prion contamination is impossible to sterilize. An infected cup or spoon is infected forever. According to Prusiner and other neurologists, infectious prions are involved with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Alzheimer's disease prevention

Prions are such a formidable threat that the U.S. government enacted the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002. It classified prions as select agents that pose an extreme risk to food, water and health systems. Unfortunately, the Centers For Disease Control quietly took prions off the list about two years ago because the classification threatened to criminalize multi-billion dollar industries and many industry practices.

Prions are not alive. They migrate, mutate and multiply. Neutralizing them requires isolation and containment, much like the protocol for radiation. Unfortunately, many industries are creating new prion pathways and prion victims every day because of misinformation and mismanagement. These reckless practices are contributing to the global Alzheimer’s epidemic. It’s become an industrial disease for millions of people.

To learn more, please spend some time on our website. We explain why Alzheimer’s disease is transmissible and how mismanagement is contaminating food and water supplies around the world. The concept of Pandora’s box is no longer a fantasy. Prions are unstoppable. They are fueling the global epidemic in neurodegenerative disease now.

treat Alzheimer's disease

Fortunately, Mother Nature offers hope. Beneficial foods can help us fend off these killer plaques and purge damaging molecules from our bodies. Nutrition offers the only real hope in treating the symptoms of the disease and maximizing the quality of life for those caught in its grasp.

You are what you eat, so eat nutritious food. Eat organic food. Avoid processed foods, which contain ingredients harmful to your brain, including refined sugar, processed fructose, gluten, genetically engineered ingredients, and pesticides like glyphosate. We will discuss these nutritional strategies in our upcoming documentary. We also will explore specific foods that are exceptionally beneficial to our minds and bodies.

Alzheimer's disease treatment

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Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

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