Sewage Sludge, Reclaimed Wastewater Spreading Alzheimer’s Disease

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Biosolids, Reclaimed Wastewater Spreading Deadly Disease A new study confirms that people and animals dying of prion disease are contaminating the environment around them with a deadly and unstoppable protein found in their bodily fluids, including their urine and feces. Wastewater treatment plants can’t neutralize the deadly form of protein known as a prion. Claudio

Wastewater Reclamation A Public Health Disaster

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Editor’s Note: There was a time when I thought that recycling wastewater was a good idea. Unfortunately, I have learned how this practice is recycling deadly and unstoppable neurodegenerative diseases in people, wildlife and livestock. The practice permanently contaminates soil and water supplies–and entire watersheds. These risks and more are discussed in my new eBook,