Wild Horses Deserve Better Treatment

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Mustangs Under Pressure On Public Land I drove out of Phoenix this week and stumbled across some small herds of wild horses. It’s been years since I last saw mustangs in Colorado. This treat really recharged my own spirit. I’ve always loved horses. I rode competitively as a kid in small western events. I showed

Wild Horse Roundups Don’t Work

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Cattle Industry Driving Wild Horses Off Public Lands Editor’s Note: The United States spends millions of taxpayer dollars every year terrorizing wild horses and burros on public lands in the West. They are stampeded for miles by low-flying helicopters. Those that aren’t killed or disabled in the panic await an equally horrific fate. Hopefully, a

Wild Horses Ripped From Nevada Rangeland

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Nevada Ground Zero In Public Land War The U.S. government continues to waste taxpayer dollars terrorizing wildlife on public lands. Federal land “managers” have concluded another roundup of wild horses in Northern Nevada with the removal of about 800 animals–some 200 more than planned–citing their poor health and risk of starvation, but the latest such