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Google Ads Best Practices Improve Reach, Relevance

Google has disrupted the marketing world over the past 20 years. Shotgun marketing and traditional advertising have been pushed aside by the digital revolution.

In 1998, the founders of Google offered to sell the company for $1 million. Today, Alphabet, Google’s parent company has a market capitalization of $1.25 trillion thanks to the advertising empire and the industry that it founded.

Since Google’s search results are viewed by billions of people every day, its search engine is king of the hill. The company now controls approximately 90 percent of the search market and 40 percent of the digital advertising market. Digital advertisers can’t afford to ignore Google and they can’t ignore best practices that will make their campaigns more cost-effective.

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One of the best-kept secrets awaiting Google advertisers is called Value Rules. It’s a simple, but sophisticated tactic that helps prioritize audiences for optimal targeting and optimal results.

Value Rules allows marketers to segment markets based on location, device or audience interests.

It’s a way to tell the algorithm which market segments are the most valuable to the advertiser, which can improve the relevance of your ads and boost the cost-effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Don’t confuse Value Rules with conversion values or location targeting, which also are important tactics. Learn how to put Value Rules to work for your company or cause

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