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  • Johanna August 9, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    This article struck me as alarming. What is your rationale for not eating too many carbohydrates? I think they are very beneficial.


      Shari Welsh July 27, 2020 at 7:28 pm

      Hi – YES THIS IS TRUE & ALARMING & DEADLY. What’s important as far as eating is is that Mad Cow /BSE Disease is widespread & has been hidden by USDA/meat/catttle/ dairy Ind. to protect their profits & they have been feeding it to you. Prions are highly sturdy, almost impossible to kill ( cooking infected meat won’t kill PRIONS ) & PRIONS are contagious & you can get them by eating meat/ dairy infected with Mad Cow/ BSE Disease. SO BE A VEGAN & STOP EATING MEAT & DAIRY ! Humans infected with PRIONS get Alzheimer’s/ dementia disease ( they also are calling it CJD & claim it’s genetic & rare but it is not rare or genetic & I call it Alzheimer’s but it is from Prions. So do not eat meat/dairy. Prions from are from Cows with Mad Cow /BSE Disease & are contagious & in every part /bodily fluid/ manure of infected animal or person. So don’t use manure from cows or animals or fertilizers made from animals; parts/ manures/ blood. Prions can also get on & are taken in by plants, so I now am a vegan & grow a garden veganically/ Veganic ( means growing a garden not using anything from animals including manure/blood/ or any fertilizers made with animal parts. & not using any poisons or insecticides or herbicides like round-up & do use & compost plant materials. Also with so much Alzheimers, millions of cows with mad cow, PRIONS are all over the place in blood supply, sewage & more. Wildlife has been infected with Prions that disease is called CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE or CWD. Also, many things/foods are made with meat so look up & know them, for ex. ; marshmallows/ gelatin ( in also many candies/jello) are made from animal parts, I think cow bones used in processing white sugar- so I use raw sugar. Also do not use any makeup ( check all that gelatin or animal parts not used & can look for vegan products as they are safer / animal parts often in vitamins & gummies & do not use collagen products! Plant-based diets are healthy & offer a wide variety of foods that will give you all you need. If you want to be sure have a blood test yearly & then find VEGAN supplements if needed. Also do not foods like orange juice that have calcium added – it could be from animals. Eating a variety of vegan foods gives you all calcium you need & if you want to make sure google “what vegan foods have calcium & also have I think vitamin D” as it might be needed to be eaten together. One of my favorite food & my dogs to is easy to make – just bake till softer & can add plant-based margarine, salt & pepper & it’s also a superfood- the sweet potato! Gary is awesome & should write a book !


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