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Constitutional Warfare Killing America

Ever since humans began to walk the earth, life has essentially been one consecutive land grab after another. Such ambitions have created empires and conflicts around the world for centuries. The concept of manifest destiny is alive and well, whether cloaked in religion or patriotism.

Make no mistake, there are interests that would like to overthrow the U.S. government and it’s constitution. Not for ideology or nationalism, but for wealth transfer and economic power. Not all of these threats are foreign.

To be blunt, the days of free-market capitalism are dead. The days of unbridled and explosive growth are gone in most industries. The deconstruction of nations is the new game.

The planet can only feed so many people, so economic models built on population growth are doomed. Vulture capitalists are looking for new opportunities for exploitation. Public property and public tax bases are now under assault like never before. Public servants are helping the looters by blocking the door and creating diversions away from the treason. They are helping nations rack up massive debts, while thrusting them into mass dysfunction. Crises are very profitable for the chosen few. It’s called crisis capitalism. It’s fascism. Bankrupting nations is the modern way to overthrow governments and constitutions.

I don’t quote the likes of Donald J. ( Jackass) Trump lightly, but to his credit, he has said two meaningful things during his campaign. First, the political system in America is rigged. Secondly, we must make America great again. These two issues are deeply intertwined. Unfortunately, I don’t see either presidential candidate as a leader who can change anything. I see a political system that is so corrupt, that democracy and free-market capitalism are now an illusion. The playbook is in place. Trump or Hillary Clinton will be nothing more than a cheerleader and gatekeeper.

The playbook is called the Shock Doctrine: The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism. Author Naomi Klein profiled the roots of this neo-political movement in her groundbreaking expose’. The subtitle alone helps make sense of all of the nonsense in the world. Nations are being thrust into crisis by public servants who are pretending to be deaf, dumb and blind. Unfortunately, it’s much more than just a profit deal. It’s a revolution that’s been paved with betrayal. Shocking events and violence are part of the equation. Sound familiar?

As Klein explains, economic warfare is an effective way to overthrow nations and plunder resources. Why destroy property with bombs and bullets when you can use bankruptcy to eliminate constitutions and governments. Lawyers and bankers now dominate the battlefield as they implement schemes to bleed nations to death.

Immoral leaders are leading their nations to slaughter. These traitors have been bought and paid for with dark money. Thanks to dark money, we don’t know which candidates and PACs are funded by foreign governments and terrorists. Dark money is nothing more than censorship, which has no place in a democracy.

It’s now more possible than ever to put public servants in office to promote constitutional warfare. Their task is to pave the road to default, which will create a fire sale—a land grab—an enormous transfer of wealth. The nations that hold the bonds (China holds most of the U.S. debt) will plunder public property. There is a method to all of this madness. Such a default will nullify trillions of dollars in entitlements, including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and oil subsidies. Companies will stop their retirement plans completely because the constitution will no longer protect anything. Public lands will be occupied. Water rights will transfer over night. Farms will be transferred into an authoritarian system. These shocking events will all serve private interests quite well.

U.S. debt at record level

In the United States, we have a record debt right now. So-called leaders keep coming up with new ways to spend more on issues that are not priorities. Congress now gets a chance to default on the national debt every three months. These sheep have the government operating on petty cash. The default scenario is never too far away.

As we are pushed toward bankruptcy in the United States, the candidates aren’t talking about the national debt or the corruption that has a foot on the nation’s throat.

For example, millions of citizens are being poisoned by chromium-6 (a potent carcinogen) in our tap water. Public servants are murdering innocent, unarmed citizens every week. Our veterans are being abandoned on the streets and denied access to healthcare. The scandal is killing our war heroes, while government spends billions fighting phantoms in the Middle East. We tied the hands of public schools for years with a foolish concept called common core, which only enriched a foreign corporation and promoted the privatization of public schools. That’s right. Our school grounds have been a deliberate battleground. Such dysfunction has likely contributed to the violence in our public schools. Thankfully, common core has been exposed as a rotten deal. Those who sold it, sold out your children for the gains of a British company.

Let’s get our priorities straight. I don’t see mixed gender bathrooms as a priority. I don’t see a bigger wall as a priority when we need bridges out of poverty and access to healthcare for everyone. Until presidential candidates and all public servants start serving America instead of themselves, we are on a road to nowhere. Until the flag and the constitution represent liberty and justice for all, they represent nothing. Our war heroes and veterans didn’t make their sacrifices for some of us. They didn’t go to war to pave the road for liars, cheaters and fascist traitors. It’s up to everyone to defend the constitution and the homeland from all threats. Unfortunately, we must guard against Trojan Horses even in the era of smart bombs and drones.

To defend our country and its constitution, I see the greatest threats as follows:

  1. Put a bounty on corruption and treat it like treason. These people are traitors who are betraying all of us with the rip offs and forced dysfunction. If they aren’t with us, they are against us. Put honest competition back into elections at all levels. Take dark money out of the equation. Thanks to dark money, these people could be funded by ISIS.
  2. Justice for all.
  3. National debt. Quit making bankers richer. Stop corporate welfare. Eliminate this threat to our constitution and republic. Subsidies are not free-market capitalism.
  4. Safe food and water. Quit spending funds on agencies that are enabling the poisoning of citizens, livestock and wildlife. Enforce the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002. Millions of Americans are drinking contaminated water and eating contaminated food.
  5. Public property and public budgets. Stop giving them away to reward political donors and cronies.
  6. Alternative energy. Stop subsidizing oil companies. That isn’t free-market capitalism.
  7. Climate change prevention and resilience. Pollution bad. Waste hurts shareholders and stakeholders.
  8. Environmental cleanup and protection. Pollution kills.
  9. Unity not divisiveness. Stop the rhetoric and end the silence.
  10. Stop ripping off taxpayers.
  11. Stop enriching and subsidizing lawyers, bankers, oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, mining companies, cattle companies, etc.

Almost every issue that I see around the nation and the world is an outgrowth of corruption—a tool of fascists who put greed over patriotism. Both elected and appointed officials in most countries are glorified crisis coordinators who are bleeding their nations to death for the enrichment of private interests (foreign and domestic). It’s really not a new or novel concept. It’s been going on for years, but the strategies and tactics have changed to keep ahead of weary and wary citizens who might resist.

I don’t expect you to read such shocking accusations without proof. Therefore, I urge you to read Overthrow by New York Times reporter Stephen Kinzer. Then read the Shock Doctrine. Read about America’s pattern of overthrowing healthy and peaceful democratic governments, including Hawaii, for the benefit of multi-national corporations. The weapon of choice is failed economic policies. Such betrayal expedites the nation’s path to bankruptcy. Examples include Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua and many others around the world. The same economic concept helped break up the Soviet Union.

Milton Friedman, an economist from the University of Chicago, is the founding father of extreme economics as a social and political weapon.

With the help of Ronald Reagan and the CIA, Friedman tested and refined the model around the world. Now, the era of extreme economic warfare has come of age and it’s coming home to roost in the U.S.

Our forefathers escaped a monarchy in pursuit of democracy. After the American Revolution, they established a constitution that assured the rights of citizens, while establishing checks and balances to prevent more tyranny and totalitarianism. The internal threats to democracy and free-market capitalism are real. Even former President Dwight Eisenhower warned the world about the abuses of government power for the benefit of individuals and the corporate world. As he said during his farewell speech in 1960, “Beware the military industrial complex.” He knew how industrialists influenced government for private gain before, during and after war. Unchecked, such corruption paves the road to fascism, terrorism and revolution.

This evil movement has attacked several public sectors already. Forced dysfunction has been used to create crises, which have helped privatize government services without public backlash. In America, this ideology has already attacked our public schools and our military. Now, soldiers in private militaries (Blackwater, etc.) are paid more and armed better than soldiers in the U.S. military. NASA has been privatized. This movement has been attacking the Veterans’ Administration with unbelievable dysfunction and outright terrorism among our heroes. The same rush to privatization could explain the dysfunction with metropolitan police from coast to coast. Crisis capitalism knows no bounds.

So, let’s watch the presidential race unfold. I say that the selection has already been made and the election will reward the candidate best suited to lead our nation further toward moral decline and financial bankruptcy. Lawyers, bankers and public servants are the new foot soldiers for the fascists and barbarians at the gate. They’re doing their best to spark a race war to create a smokescreen as they reach for the crown.

It’s well documented that economic conspiracies and schemes have happened for centuries. Cheating, lying and stealing are human nature. An informed citizenry is the only defense against these thugs and their weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, I stand with Colin Kaepernick and those brave enough to stand up to tyranny, corruption, discrimination, abuse, fraud and murder. I stand with the millions of Americans who have sacrificed everything to defend ALL Americans (over the past century, most of America’s combat soldiers have been minorities). If we don’t have liberty and justice for all, we have abuse and discrimination. If we are abandoning veterans on the streets and asking citizens to salute, our flags and anthems have become symbols of hypocrisy, betrayal and fascism. Let’s put America back on the right track. Look behind the curtain.

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Gary Chandler is the CEO of Crossbow Communications. He is the author of 11 books about health and environmental issues from around the world. He also is the author of the Language and Travel Guide To Indonesia.

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