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Two-Party System Excludes Competition

Corruption and bankruptcy are the greatest threats to democracies around the world. Until the con men and con women start talking about those issues, it’s all a charade. At least they’re calling each other liars. Maybe that’s progress in the new world order.

The two-party system is part of the problem. It’s anti-competitive. It assures that the playbook is executed regardless of who wins the shouting match and the “presidency.” We need leaders not overpaid crisis coordinators.

Nations that commit fraud to recruit soldiers and then denies them access to healthcare and happiness demand even more scrutiny. VA scandals are like the Energizer bunny–they keep going and going. It’s amazing how they can coordinate these PR stunts at sporting events with pinpoint accuracy, but they can’t find the telephone at the VA. They keep records with crayons and Big Chief tablets. This type of betrayal speaks volumes about the culture that has been embedded through years of Republican and Democratic presidents alike.

Any nation that poisons the masses to enrich the few should rethink the meaning of democracy, capitalism and free-market competition.

Both parties are guilty and complicit. This isn’t good vs. evil. It’s fraud vs. fraud. Would you like to inhale brand A or brand B? Sorry, there is no third option, (but they will all make you sick).

These aren’t Democratic vs. Republican issues. It’s time to ask what we stand for. Does it really come down to corporate welfare vs. social safety nets? Do we really need a better fence? A bigger bomber? More no-bid contracts? More public land give-aways? More killing of our wildlife? More secrecy in the funding of our elections? Or do we need safe food, air and water? Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air to see a government agenda that actually serves “we the people” again?

Why would anyone invade or attack these so-called democracies? They are all doing a stellar job of killing themselves. Healthy “democracies” are dumping dirty bombs all over themselves every day. Nerve agents. Carcinogens. Bioterrorism. Millions of victims are stumbling and mumbling now. The term “homeland defense” is a joke thanks to these overpaid public servants who have been corrupted (and the Dark money that is spreading this culture like wildfire).

Thanks to so-called leaders, we have taken our eyes off the prize. We have been betrayed. It’s time to treat corruption like treason.

It’s a fine line that separates capitalism from fascism. Several healthy democracies have been overthrown in the past 50 years by fascists masquerading as free-market capitalists. It’s up to citizens to know the difference and to defend that difference.

The book Shock Doctrine‬ is like an owner’s manual for citizens and democracies. It should be required reading for everyone who wants to make sense of this wacky world. Down is the new up. Crises create opportunities.

Corruption Killing Democracy, Capitalism

Can the U.S. afford any more crises? Can a free-market economy afford to be held hostage by a two-party political system that suppresses competition? Can we afford more tax breaks and subsidies? Can we keep giving away public property to repay private favors?

Our so-called leaders keep playing chicken with these budget crises. Default could kill our constitution, including your favorite amendment.

If you don’t think that crisis capitalism is real, get the book. This is how countries and constitutions are being overthrown today. Inside jobs. Elaborate schemes. They can’t resist a good crisis to advance profitable agendas.

Gary Chandler

The sick philosophy was developed at the University of Chicago by Milton Friedman. The philosophy goes like this: “Put the nation and the masses in so much pain, anguish and shock, that they see your solution/revolution as relief. They will give you everything that they own, and give up their rights just to stop the pain.” It works.

As a result, countries are bankrupted. Rights taken. Public works privatized (stolen). Take a look at the rights taken and property taken in Michigan. On any given day, Snyder can declare himself dictator and void any election or law. This is what Dark Money is doing to democracy. If you are only worried about your gun, you better worry about your country, your family and your future.

United we stand, divided we fall. These thugs know the game. They are creating more divisiveness than ever to keep citizens weak. Just say no and stop inhaling the political BS. Corruption is the enemy, not religion. Democrats aren’t the answer. Republicans aren’t the answer. Active, informed citizens are the answer.

The Shock Doctrine was perfected in Latin America, the USSR, and beyond. Those governments were removed and replaced by fascists. Because they capitalized on so much fraud, favoritism and thuggery, they prefer to call themselves capitalists. It’s been employed around the world. Is it coming home to roost?

We’re fighting back by defending innocent people around the world. We’re defending our food, water and the truth. Please join us. Thank you for caring and sharing.

Gary Chandler is the CEO of Crossbow Communications. He also is the founder of Sacred Seedlings. Chandler also is the author of the Language and Travel Guide To Indonesia. Chandler founded Earth News and is the author of eight books about environmental success stories from around the world. Chandler also is connecting the dots to the global surge in neurological disorders.

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Author, Consultant. CEO of Crossbow Communications. Colorado native. Arizona transplant.

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