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Pathway Management Critical To Contain Coronavirus

The coronavirus has changed the world. Millions of people have been infected and thousands have died. Entire industries have been upended, reformed and refined. Due to misinformation, mismanagement and other factors, the pandemic is far from over. Most world leaders have demonstrated their incompetence, inability and/or unwillingness to do the right thing for their citizens.

Like all infectious diseases, the highly contagious coronavirus spreads in multiple ways, which means that pathway management and pathway aversion are the first line of defense. Pathway management is more important than a vaccine at the moment. People are pathways. Everything that we touch is a potential pathway.

Ironically, the United States leads the world with more than 117,000 deaths, yet the disease supposedly originated in China. If China were ground zero, it would lead the world in deaths. China is a red herring. It probably started in the United States. The question is why and why is it being covered up? Those pointing the finger to take attention from their own mismanagement are likely complicit. It’s hard to know whom to believe as leaders keep blowing smoke and fanning the flames of the crisis. Now, the disease is cutting a swath through Beijing, Latin America and southern sectors of the U.S. Where will the next major cluster appear? How else can so-called leaders weaponize the pandemic for political and financial gain. Unfortunately, these are all legitimate questions in this high-stakes, circus atmosphere.

To the credit of the outbreak managers, flattening the curve of new infections is one of the keys to saving millions of lives. Social distancing and facemasks are certainly part of that equation, but many pathways are being ignored. Others are being mismanaged, if not glossed over. The bodycount continues to rise. So do the lies.

For example, the coronavirus is in the blood of those infected. If we don’t have a way to screen and purify blood, transfusions will be a nightmare.

A new study has confirmed that the corona virus also is in human waste, which may sound like a non-issue. Unfortunately, human waste doesn’t just vanish. Millions of gallons are generated every day on every continent and it’s being pumped back into our food and water supplies. The practice of turning sewage sludge into fertilizer (deceptively called biosolids) is already based on fraudulent risk assessments. As a result, we are recycling brain disease, carcinogens and radionuclides with our sewage. Brain disease is now the fastest-growing cause of death and it isn’t restricted to humans. It’s impacting wildlife, livestock and sea mammals.

Now, we are spreading the coronavirus via sewage mismanagement. I beg for a revised risk assessment from the EPA that proves me wrong. Crops, livestock and wildlife can uptake the virus from the infected soil. Birds and wind can carry the virus to new destinations, which will create new pathways. A mask won’t protect you or your family from contaminated food and water.

Unfortunately, answers begin with the truth, which has been in short supply.

Negligence and criminal misconduct might be a more fitting way to describe the U.S. response. To quote former President Barack Obama, “It’s been an absolute chaotic disaster.”

Most importantly, think for yourself. Avoid close contact with infected individuals; frequently washing hands with soap and water; not touching the eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands. But the pathways are much broader than these common topics. Don’t forget to manage the risks associated with cash and coins. These items are never sterilized and who knows how long the virus can stay alive and attached to paper and coins. Your credit cards also are exposed to the world every time you insert it into the card reader.

The mail isn’t any different. Postal workers are getting sick and exposing the mail. Meanwhile, others are getting sick from exposure to thousands of contaminated postal items. Are deliveries from and other online retailers any different?

Unfortunately, we have to protect our pets from the virus and we can’t let them become a pathway that brings the virus into our homes. I try to avoid people at all costs while walking my dog. I don’t want them to touch or breathe on him. The scenario that I’m trying to avoid is where a person who is asymptomatic, but infectious, will pet him and transfer the virus to his coat. Then I pet him and bring the virus into my biome.

Researchers have confirmed that animals can contract the virus, which means that they can spread the virus. This could be the next X factor in the pandemic and one that will spark enormous conflict.

Don’t discount the risks associated with this pandemic. There is much more to the story than meets the eye, nose or throat. There are more pathways than ever right now. It will likely get worse. I don’t have all of the answers, but answers begin with the truth. Until then, arm yourself with facts and critical thinking. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

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