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U.S. Presidents Selected, Not Elected

Unfortunately, most Americans don’t understand the difference between the Electoral College and the popular vote. Most of us have blind faith in democracy and haven’t taken the time to see exactly how corrupt the system has always been. Our history of voter suppression and candidate selection in America has impacted all citizens, not just women, minorities and others.

Although many citizens think that they elect the president and vice president, the Electoral College that determines the outcome. The winner of the popular vote usually wins the Electoral College vote, but not always. Call it what you will. The Electoral College is a filter between the people and the power. It’s a political black box.

The Electoral College is a deceptive tool designed to reinterpret the will of the people to obstruct the democratic process.

Twice in the past two decades, the Democratic candidate won the popular vote, but did not become president. Instead, the winner in the Electoral College prevailed. Trump, who got nearly 3 million fewer votes overall than Clinton, won the state-by-state allotment of Electoral College votes in 2016 and became president. In 2000, George W. Bush became president, winning five more Electoral College votes than Al Gore, though Gore won roughly half a million more popular votes. The Electoral College saved us from ourselves in favor of the favored.

There have been five United States presidential elections where the chosen one actually lost the popular vote:

1824: John Quincy Adams (Democrat)

1876: Rutherford B. Hayes (Democratic-Republican, Whig)

1888: Benjamin Harrison (Republican)

2000: George W. Bush (Republican)

2016: Donald J. Trump (Republican)

In other words, the concept of majority rules is a myth. Usually, electoral votes align with the popular vote in an election. Renegade, corrupt and malicious people can tilt the table without recourse. It’s about as far away from democracy as you can get.

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