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Indonesia Hosts G20 Summit

All eyes are on Bali as it welcomes world and business leaders to Southeast Asia’s first G20 summit. Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s only G20 member state, and is the first nation in the region to host the annual leadership summit.

G20 includes 19 advanced and emerging economies and the European Union. It was created in response to the Asian financial crisis in 1999. It addresses global issues related to the global economy, such as financial stability, health, climate change, and sustainable development.

Seventeen heads of state, including United States President Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping, will meet in Bali on November 15-16 in Nusa Dua. Russian president Vladimir Putin will skip the summit and will be represented by foreign minister Sergey Lavrov instead. The Russian invasion of Ukraine deepened divisions within the group, reducing the chance it will find consensus on economic issues at its 2022 summit.

Friction remains within the group regarding climate change. China, India, Russia, and Saudi Arabia blocked an agreement on phasing out coal use and fossil fuel subsidies at a July 2021 meeting of environment ministers. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany and other G20 countries have reversed commitments to stop financing fossil fuel projects overseas.

Indonesia has sought to frame the agenda around three pillars of post-pandemic macroeconomic policy: global health architecture, digital transformation, and the sustainable energy transition. 

Aside from G20 members, like China, the US, Japan and the European Union, Indonesia has also invited others to observe the summit, including Singapore, Cambodia, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates. World business leaders, including Elon Musk and Bill gates will attend to participate in the G20’s business forum, which is known as B20.

More than 18,000 security personnel will be deployed, consisting of 14,300 military staff and police officers. Fourteen warships will be docked nearby, he said. Bali airport expects to cater to 42,000 passengers during the two-day summit, while the immigration agency has vowed to deport any foreigners who interfere with the event.

Bali’s leaders are advising many of its 4.3 million residents to avoid public activities next week. Schoolchildren and workers near Nusa Dua have been told to study and work from home. They have been told to limit traditional ceremonies and other religious activities to ensure “the smooth and successful implementation of the G20 Presidency meeting for the good name of Indonesia, especially Bali,” said the island’s regional secretary Dewa Made Indra.

Indonesia is the fourth-largest nation in the world with more than 267 million people. The country has more than 17,500 islands, including BaliBorneoJavaLombokSumatra and Sulawesi.

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