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Climate Change Scorching Africa

The world is at a turning point. Ecosystems in some regions are on the verge of collapse. Balancing record human populations with diminishing and degraded natural resources is getting more challenging every day. Meanwhile, climate change is making that balancing act more complex, as agriculture, water, wildlife and communities are feeling the impact in most regions of the world.

Because of these factors, biodiversity is under assault like never before and the web of life could collapse in some regions of the world within a few years. Each regional collapse will contribute to the global spiral. Eastern Africa is one region that’s at a critical point now. Band-aid actions won’t work. We need comprehensive programs that can address economics, education and cooperation.

Thanks to collaborative and comprehensive planning by enthusiastic leaders in Kenya and Tanzania, we have a plan for a massive conservation program in Eastern Africa. These diverse stakeholders are feeling the pressures of climate change.

They believe in a shift to greater sustainability.

They sense the urgency of more comprehensive wildlife conservation strategies, including aggressive community engagement, education and economic development. As you will see, several stakeholder organizations are eager to take action. They have submitted five separate proposals to help address all of these issues simultaneously. We promised to do what we can to help make them a lasting reality.

forest conservation Tanzania and Kenya

My partners (certified nonprofits in Tanzania and Kenya) approached me and asked if we could help save their vanishing wildlife. We developed a collaborative plan over the past six months. Their recommendations include forest conservation, reforestation, community outreach and education, sustainable agriculture, anti-poaching projects and economic development. They have some solid plans with strong partners, including several government leaders and groups such as Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots.

This massive East Africa project can make a difference on many levels. I’m coordinating the entire effort because I care and because I believe in what it can accomplish in Africa and elsewhere, but it’s bigger than I am.

I have been pulling this program together for years. I haven’t made a dime and I will never take a salary. But I do need to cover some expenses and we do need to put some money in the hands of our partners to keep them enthused and engaged as we seek our big grants and sponsors (I could use your help there, too, if you have any contacts within corporations, foundations and/or NGOs). I will make a personal plea for your help. We need some seed money desperately to keep it moving forward at high speed.

We will make our funders shine with glowing international news, events and publicity that will last for years. It will be a branding bonanza for a sponsor and it is the right thing to do–a triple P (people, planet, profit) program of the purest pedigree. You can learn more and donate at  

reforestation and climate change solution

Gary Chandler is the CEO of Crossbow Communications. He also is the founder of Sacred Seedlings and Earth News. Gary Chandler is the author of 11 books about health and environmental issues from around the world. Chandler also is the author of the Language and Travel Guide To Indonesia.

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