Search-Engine Marketing

SEO matters more than ever. Would you like to capture more business from the Internet? Is your business highly ranked by Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other local business directories? If not, you are giving away eager customers to your competitors every day.

In the digital age, if the Internet isn’t working for you, it’s working against you. Traditional advertising, direct mail, and public relations campaigns are not as cost-effective as a highly ranked listing on Google and other Local Search engines. The top five listings capture 90 percent of your prospective customers who are actively searching for help.

With Search-Engine Marketing, we can build your bottom line in multiple ways:

  • Increase your market share with higher local search rankings.
  • Stop giving business away to your competitors.
  • Stop wasting time and money on shotgun marketing tactics.

Search for your business as a prospective, first-time customer searches for help online. Until you’re ranked on that first page of search results, Google and other search engines are working against you—and working for your competitors who are listed on page one.

Crossbow recommends Search-Engine Marketing (SEM) for most businesses as a critical first step.

SEM is extremely cost-effective and measurable. You can’t afford to miss the people who are actively searching the Internet for your help. Start your SEO campaign today.

Gary Chandler

Gary Chandler is the CEO of Crossbow Communications. He also is the founder of Sacred Seedlings and Earth News. Gary Chandler is the author of 11 books about health and environmental issues from around the world. Chandler also is the author of the Language and Travel Guide To Indonesia.

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