Soldiers Left Behind On Path To Privatize

The unraveling scandal at America’s VA hospitals reflects an abusive and fraudulent culture that pervades American politics and government. What the power structure is doing to our soldiers and veterans reflects what they are doing to America and the world.

Every day, it becomes painfully more clear that war is nothing but a mechanism of industry and profiteers. Thanks to liars and cheats, we have lost thousands of soldiers and billions of dollars merely to boost the profitability of banks, defense contractors and oil companies. Now, that enrichment will spread to the healthcare industry.

What have citizens and courageous soldiers gained? Citizens have gained nothing. In fact, we have lost many liberties, democracy and even free market capitalism. Meanwhile, soldiers have gained nothing. Many lost their lives, limbs and minds. They offered to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of patriotism. They have been duped by fascism. They are being terrorized by the system that they defended. It’s the ultimate betrayal.

The VA scandal is not an isolated incident or an isolated issue.

The pattern of fraud, taxpayer abuse and corruption is painfully obvious and it extends to all corners of our great nation. If our nation starts wars and recruits soldiers under false pretenses, what else are they doing to profit from law abiding citizens? When citizens are left in the dark, or totally lied to, we clearly have a situation of taxation without representation. That is proof alone that democracy is essentially dead and fascism is a legitimate threat to our democracy.

Now, if the pattern holds true, the vulture culture will turn the so-called scandal into an opportunity to privatize the VA hospital system. Uncle Scam will just turn over the keys and the massive annual budgets to one of the most influential contributors in Washington, DC–probably a small consortium to help spread our money around. Americans will applaud. It will sound like a reasonable solution as taxpayers help them hand over the keys. There won’t be any competition involved.

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If you need more evidence of the long-standing pattern of corruption and collaboration, please read the book Shock Doctrine: Crisis Capitalism, by Naomi Klein.

I’m a proud American. I’m willing to fight for this country just like our brave soldiers and veterans. That’s why I’m writing this difficult commentary. Unfortunately, we now have a military industrial complex that has declared war on average Americans and our heroes. It’s one of the strategies on the road to bankrupting America–both morally and financially.

It’s time to reform our entire government, not just the Veterans’ Administration.

It’s time to find our moral compasses and relocate democracy. I suggest holding every elected official accountable. If they are not complicit, they are negligent. If they are complicit, it’s criminal–all the way to Capitol Hill.

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If we are waiting on government to clean up its act, we are wasting our time. The culture is firmly entrenched. If we stand by and watch the handover of the VA without competition and accountability, we all have blood on our hands because that is what this battle is all about. It’s time to demand truth, action and results and it’s time to treat corruption like terrorism.

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